Web Design Services in Laikipia

Web Design Services in Laikipia

Oracom Groups; Oracom Web Solutions is now in Laikipia County. We offer Website Design & Redemption, Mobile App Development and Software & Script Design in Laikipia County and its nearby sub counties including Laikipia central, Laikipia East, Laikipia North, Laikipia West, Nyahururu and Kirima.


Website Design, Web designing is the process of planning, conceptualizing, and implementing the plan for designing a website in a way that is functional and offers a good user experience.

Our Website Design and Web Development Services

To learn more visit our website: https://oracom.co.ke/

Stage 1 – Branding – Getting a logo, business cards, letterhead.

1. Logo Design – A good logo will help your business stand out.

– At Kshs. 1,000 – 1 logo demo design to choose from (lowest budget, not highly recommended since it limits creativity and no choices to pick from) – No revisions

– At Kshs. 2,500 – 2 demo designs to choose from OR – 2 rounds of revisions

– At Kshs. 3,500 for 3 demo designs to choose from OR – 3 rounds of revisions

– At Kshs. 5,500 for 3 demo designs to choose from OR – 4 rounds of revisions

– At Kshs. 10,000 for a complete branding ie logo on business cards, letterheads, merchandise OR – 5 rounds of revisions etc

– Kshs. 50,000 for a brand manual – 5 rounds of revisions

With a logo designed, letterheads, business cards are now cheaper at KShs. 500 each.

2. Now Get a Domain and Hosting – either .com, .co.ke etc

– Domain Registration = Kshs. 1,000 (co.ke domains we have a FREE Offer for small businesses)

– 20GB Hosting = Starts at  Kshs. 2,000 per year see other options and packages here https://orawebhost.com/web-hosting-company-in-kenya/ OR

– Pick the Hostpro package at Kshs. 6,000 can be more ideal or more for starting – these depend on the space but this option comes with SSL so no need for SSL below.

– SSL Secure Padlock = Kshs 2,000 (optional – this is the padlock always on your browser when you open a website with a mark secure. It makes your website secure / protection against hackers). Its FREE for .ke domains.

– FREE Unlimited Company/Business Emails.

NB: Items in 2 here are yearly renewed. With the above, you are up and running with a landing page saying your website is under construction. They take 2 hours to setup. You are also now at this stage running unlimited emails eg info@yourcompany.com or yourname@yourcompany.com

Stage 2: Website Design

This is the one that needs more budget and time. We will need 2 weeks for demo design and another 1 or 2 weeks to review and fix your content so budget 3-4 weeks depending on how ready your content is. However, at Oracom, we work 24 hours so projects that are bad on time can be handled very fast though in some cases it may influence the price. We have delivered websites in days and weeks when needed. Though we always advise our clients to avoid rushing websites so that there is room for creativity.

ONE PAGE STATIC – not recomended since they dont perform well on ranking

-> 1 pager Landing page – Kshs. 5,000 (a static one-page portfolio)

-> 1 pager Branding – Kshs. 15,000 (one-pager but with many website sections which scrolls the same page when the menu is clicked)

CMS WEBSITES / EASY TO EDIT (we recomend you start here)

-> 1-5 pages – Kshs. 25,000 (also called a portfolio website)

-> 5-10 pages – Kshs. 35,000

-> 10-20 pages – Kshs. 55,000

-> 20-30 pages – Kshs. 85,000

-> 30-50 pages – Ask Price

-> Unlimited pages – Ask Price

-> Custom Designs – Ask Price

All websites are Interactive, Classy, Social Integrated, Mobile Friendly, Classy etc

Stage 3: Digital Marketing

This includes strategies to ensure your website is visible online. These strategies include;

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – your website is ranking

2. Bulk SMS and Our New Bulk WhatsApp Blaster Sender – SMS targeted texts to phones – www.oramobile.co.ke

3. Email Marketing, Email Harvesting, Email Cleaning and Email Sending

4. Social Media Management eg Facebook Page Management, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

5. Media Buying / Paid Ads / Pay Per Click – www.oradma.co.ke

6. Photography and Video Production – www.oramedia.co.ke

These we can look at after stages 1 and 2 since they depend on the 2 stages so no need to focus on them at this stage.

Stage 4: Digital Marketing Training

This is our own initiative of training clients to empower them more. Our training is FREE for services we offer but paid for complete marketing classes. This always makes clients quickly want to work with us since we hold their hands throughout the journey.

1. Digital Marketing Masterclass Training

2. Social Media Marketing Training

3. Search Engine Optimization Training

4. Email Marketing and Bulk SMS Training

5. CMS Training

6. Photography and Video Production Training

7. Copy Writing Content Creation and Content Marketing Training

8. Digital Marketing Tools and Automation

9. Media Buying and Running Pai Ads

Much more training – see www.oradmt.com

Stage 5: Our Portals to Help you scale faster

Struggling to reach your target market? Your Business is not making any Progress, No Customers, You dont have a budget to get started? Find our ready made tools that are plug and play to get you started:
1. Kenya’s Google – A Search Engine that gives you a mini website www.keonline.biz
2. Kenya’s Facebook – A Social Media platform just like facebook, twitter combined – www.palscity.com
3. Kenya’s Inter County Online Shop – ecommerce shop where you buy and sell in many platforms from a single app – www.mybigorder.com 
4. Kenya’s CNN – A news portal where you can write news about your company and have then rank on SEO – www.dftnews.com 
5. Kenya’s On Demand Service App – Uber like App for Service Providers Marketplace – www.odschapchap.com
6. Kenya’s Leaders App – Connect to Leaders, Join like Minded County WhatsApp Groups for Tenders, Business Connection and Networking, Meet Elected Governors, Senators, Women Reps, MPs and MCAs – www.myleader.co.ke
7. Digitally Fit Awards – Get Recognised Top Digitally Fit Company creating an Impact Online.
Kindly contact us or chat with us to get Website Design & Redemption, Mobile App Development and Software & Script Design services in Kisumu County. As usual Oracom Web Solutions, Your Online Success is our Priority stands to help Brands & Businesses go online and become Digitally Fit. Call us on 0729990583 | 0712534091 or developer@oracom.co.ke or visit our group website: www.oracomgroup.com

For More – www.oracomgroup.com

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