Freelance Academic Writing Script

Freelance Academic Writing Script and Client-Writer-Admin Ordering System in Kenya

Online Academic writing websites have gained popularity amongst students and professionals with too much to do in limited time both in Kenya and Wordwide. The simple business model and huge profit potential is making entrepreneurs in Kenya and Africa launch similar websites for freelance writers.

We have built the wordls best Acdemic writing script to simplify the task of starting online marketplace for freelance writers and their clients. This script is as a result of detailed analysis of popular and established essay writing platforms that already exist in the market. Hence the script includes the best modern features of all such creative and academic writing-based platforms.

Start your online venture as a freelance entrepreneur with the best essay writing marketplace script available on internet. Start managing the clients and writing. Earn more by being the boss. The features of our script includes;

Website on a CMS

  1. Editable Design with user backend
  2. Responsive / Mobile Ready
  3. Interactive and Modern design
  4. We assist with content where necessary
  5. Customized training where we empower clients

Client Dashboard

  1. Client submits orders by illustrating the paper, number of pages, writing style among other many features
  2. Fully customizable user form for order submission
  3. Automatically creates Order ID and sends to admin
  4. Selects suitable writer by expertise
  5. Selects deadline and time to get the finished tasks
  6. Makes payment via paypal and others requested
  7. Account are created automatically upon making an order (you can also enable creation).
  8. They can log into their accounts and view order progress.
  9. Customers get notified of order number, pages, description and other details via their emails upon making an order
  10. Customers get notification when an order is completed, assigned, sent for revision, uploaded or cancelled
  11. Customers can approve an order, ask for revision, message admin, etc
  12. Capability to add more features

Writers Dashboard

  1. Receives orders assigned to them
  2. Posts the completed tasks
  3. Manages revisions flawlessly
  4. Manage writers, hire, fire, suspend, assign order, etc
  5. Manage writers (view samples, cv, details) request documents, etc.
  6. Edit writer’s profile, reset password, change email, payment system etc
  7. Writers get notified via Email (only Writers who are active can apply for projects).
  8. Capability to add more features

Admin End

  • Get orders directly from customers
  • Assigns writers to particular tasks/ orders
  • Managers writer
  • Revision manager
  • Selects suitable writers
  • Outsource orders from other writing sites and let your writers work on them
  • Control Pricing based on number of pages, deadline, academic level, type of paper, etc.
  • Admin can make payment to the writers
  • Control when and how you want to pay writers
  • Manage orders, assign, edit, request revisions, approve, reject, adjust deadlines, fines, etc.
  • Capability to add more features

Other features

  • Chat functionality
  • SSL enabled
  • Domain and Hosting options
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